System configuration for setup OpenPaaS with Docker


I am new in OpenPaaS. I am trying to setup OpenPaaS with Docker on my local server. My server configuration is 8GB RAM and 4 core CPU. Cassandra and Elastic Search taken lot of memory and slow down the server. So let me know the recommended server configuration to run the OpenPaaS application?


Hello Clara,

It is hard to answer, it all depends on what you target.
Currently, Linagora teams use the Docker Compose for local tests. Production setups rely on Kubernetes and separate VMs for the databases. It implies much more resources than what is used for the Docker Compose.

Could you indicate what do you target?
Is it for tests? How many users are expected? In any case, do not expect to run performance benchmarks with the Docker Compose.



Hello Vincent,

Thanks for the update. Now I am planning to run the application and test it with 10 or 15 users. So I just need to know the basic configuration. Do you have any idea. I was tried to setup the docker on my local machine.