needs rechecked

OS : cent os
openpaas version : trying new installation hence latest openpaas version in yum repository

As i see in the documentation to get started with linux , to bootstrap installation

wget -qO - | bash

in at line no 121 refer

where you can see pub_8.x , at Index of /pub_8.x/el/7/ node js version 8 is available
but openpass now required node js version 10.

as you can see in below screenshot, screenshot is showing log for executing

  sudo yum install -y openpaas openpaas-davserver openpaas-james

how can i solve this error.

when i hit in brower. i get 404 error.

it had to be , when i point brower to this URL the rpm file downloads.

Hello @manslogic,

thank you for your interest in OpenPaaS ! As of now, OpenPaaS works with NodeJS version 8. We’ll switch to nodejs version 10 next week, and we’ll make sure that the packaging is updated accordingly.