Setup OpenPaas with Docker

I run this on a VM:
git clone
cd openpaas-esn
PROVISION=true docker-compose up

I would like to know if in order to test all features I need to manually configure each service individually?

Do I have to add all modules separately? For example how can I add the OpenPaaS Modules - VideoConference Module?
Can I add it as a service on the docker-compose file? or do I need to have it as a new folder on my pc?

  • openpaas-esn
  • openpaas-dev


Hello Fanpero,

yes, currently in order to test a non-core module in a docker development environment you have to manually link it and run OpenPaaS with the following command after navigating to your OpenPaaS folder:

ESN_HOST=“” ESN_PATH="$PWD" docker-compose -f ./docker/dockerfiles/dev/docker-compose.yml

if you have trouble installing and configuring the VideoConference module we have a detailed documentation here

Thanks for the answer. What is the best option to test OpenPaas with all modules? Email+VideoCall+Documents+ShareFiles+Calendar?
Is it with the Docker image?

For the link that you shared, is this a separate installation outside of the “openpaas-esn” folder?
Also, if I try to run:
git clone
I got an error because I don’t have access to GitLab Community Edition.