Setting up openpass docker vs manual

I see “Try Open Pass” and “Install OpenPaaS” options in the installation page.
For production, should I be using docker or the manual installation. The reason is the manual installation is deprecated and it installs 1.8 (oct 2019). Which one to go please?
Is docker is not ready for production?


I will say that it is up to you to go on production the way you want. We do not support manual installation anymore because there are so many distributions to support (this is one reason) and so many dependencies to handle differently based on this.
By using docker, we better control what we deliver because we rely only on one distribution and are able to run it almost everywhere.

Hi Chamerling,
Thanks for your reply.
Lets say I go with docker approach. By looking at the documentation in terms of integrations, I may have to make changes to the config files etc. I am new to docker. Is this something possible if I use docker please?

For example, adding new modules involves changing the config files. Is that possible if I use docker. In that case i have to build docker every time I make changes?

This is true, for now you will have to rebuild the ESN image with your changes. You can also create your own Dockerfile which extends linagora/esn (the FROM in the Dockerfile), and add your modules in it.
You should also be able to update configuration files easily by having them in a Docker volume.