Logout error - Cannot get /logout_sso

Getting this error on logout, Can that be made to login screen pls?


Can you describe how you configured OpenPaaS? This SSO logout URL should only be called if you configured OpenPaaS with an SSO provider.

@chamerling, I am not using SSO. This is coming by default when you logout with the docker version. I mean, the default setup.

OK so then there is an issue with default configuration.
You can modify the docker image yourself (exec bash in the ESN container, then remove the linagora.esn.lemonldap module in the config/default.json file), commit the container, then restart it.

It should work correctly then. I am opening a bug to have this fixed in the next release.

Thanks @chamerling. I will do that.

In ESN Container, linagora.esn.lemonldap is not there in default.json file.

Do I need to do any npm install?

This is strange. Which version are you using?