Linshare module customization

Hi Team,
I want to customize the linshare file upload screen. Specifically add a new field and show it back.

  1. Could you please give some instructions or some documentation links to download and setup the code. I am looking at this link : But it appears like the open pass takes the module from here :

  2. Also in one of the forum it is mentioned that linshare needs to be setup separately and linked in open pass. In that case why do we need to install linshare from here : https:github . com\linagora\linagora.esn.linshare



First of all, thank you for you interest in our solutions.
LinShare is an standalone software design handle file sharing. The following repository contains documentation, changelogs and links to all components like admin interface or user interface.

The following repository is an OpenPaas module. Openpaas is a software providing emails, calendar and contacts feature. It is also a platform where you can develop some modules to integrate other software as we did for LinShare with this module.

This module provides a javascript API for LinShare in OpenPaas and the integration in the application menu (grid with all application).

There is also another module called linagora.esn.unifiedinbox.linshare witch provides the capability to upload and share files with LinShare from the Inbox composer popup (cf attachments) and the capability to save mail attachments into you personal space in LinShare.

I hope I’ve answered to your questioning.

This is a screenshot of the LinShare module configuration in the OpenPaas platform admin interface: