Global Search does not work on chrome with touch devices like surface pro

We have a strange problem. Global Search does not work on chrome with touch devices like the surface pro or iPad kind of devices. This happens only when the user navigates to the chat module and tries to search. Neither enter key works not mouse click. Please let me know any clues to resolve it?

Hello @akshitnkiran

Thank for your feedback!
We will check and tell you ASAP.

Hi @akshitnkiran, may I know which version of Openpaas you are using?
It will be helpful if you can also provide us with the version of operating system and Chrome

I tested with the environment as followed and it’s still ok to search:
Openpaas-1.5 and Openpaas-1.7.5
Chrome 75.0.3770.103
Ipad Air 2
iOS 13.4.1

Hi @hantt, We are using OpenPaas 1.5. This issue happens on Surface Pro kind of devices with chrome version 83.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Login into the app
  2. Navigate to chat
  3. Type something in global search text box
  4. Press enter or click on search icon
  5. You might see search not happening.

Please let me know if you need more information


thanks @akshitnkiran for your information. As far as we tested, we encountered the issue on Surface Pro but not on ipad and some android devices.

I will raise this issue to the development team so that we can have a plan to fix it in upcoming openpaas versions.

Thanks again for using Openpaas and we are looking forward to hearing more of your feedbacks/contributions