Getting error . Application is loading

Dear Mekal,
Could you try to rebuild the code with ‘bower install’ ?
Nearly the same issue has been posted there Application start

tried ‘bower install’ but no luck

Dear Mekal,
Could you please attach build logs and execution logs?

Dear phamtuanchip

Please find the logfiles from below links

Hi Mekal,
Could you try pull the new code from the master? We have some fix relative to provisioning the test data maybe it should be fix your issue
Otherwise , following your logs I have found some message

2020-02-24T17:12:03.455Z \cf10 error\cf2  Less compilation failed: undefined\

It maybe the root cause to be raised error
The dockerlog has none issue here.
If you did not success with new code in the master, please try to remove .node_module folder and rebuild with

npm install 

again and start the esn server as well, let us know more about the result.
Thank you.

Thanks, it worked for me