Error while getting into contacts

I followed the instruction to setup the dev environment. I am getting this error when I go to contacts page.
OS : Centos 7
Node : 10.19

<d:error xmlns:d=“DAV:” xmlns:s=“”>
<s:message>Principal with name 5e59839771a971663d6b21ed not found</s:message>

Full grunt dev output :

Hello @sedil

From the error log, I guess Sabre’s service does not point to the correct ESN database and ESN host.

This is a known issue when you start Sabre service follow the docker-compose guide. We will fix soon.

You mean I have to change the docker-compose.yml file?

No, we fixed the issue. So please pull the updated image for linagora/esn-sabre:branch-master. And run again.

Let see if you still encounter the issue.

Hi @tuanlc,
I have already setup the 1.6.2 GA release. Can you please share the commit hash that I can merge that code please?

Yes, the commit is:

@tuanlc, Thanks for sending the commit hash. By looking at the change, I can still keep the open paas 1.6.2 without getting the latest and just kill the dockers and re setup the DB right?

You should re-create esn-sabre container with the correct DB configuration

How do I access the sabre dav user interface pls? After recreating the esn-sabre
I tried to access this URL :

The Sabre interface feature now is disabled when running as product mode. You can see it works if the contact and calendar features in OpenPaaS work correctly.