Chat and email configuration

Hello all,

I have installed and running the docker images of open-paas, I am successfully able to login with provisional users, but email and chat messages are not being sent to the other users, please let me know if I have missed any configurations etc.
Please guide me how should I be able to eastablish the IM, and email connections.

Hello @Mekal

Do you have any logs? And can you give me the steps or documentation you was following?

Hi Tuanic,
Thanks for reply,
I followed below document for installing and open-paas with docker, Now One-to-one chat is working but community chat seems to be disabled, also when I try to send an email, then I am getting a message that your email can not be sent.


  • What do you mean by “community chat”? Is it a group private chat or open channel or another?

  • In the email case, I guess your recipient does not login to OpenPaaS yet, right?

The explanation for email case:

  • OpenPaaS platform uses James as the mail server
  • OpenPaaS also have its own Nodejs server
  • When you run OpenPaaS with this docker version, provisioned users are only stored in Nodejs server but not in James server.
    => That why these uses can login, do operations on OpenPaaS
    => These users will be provision to James server once they login to OpenPaaS

Try to log him in and you can send emails to him. If not, tell me.

In the production deployment, we can have an LDAP server that stores users for both servers to solve this issue.

Thanks tuanic for your help and reply,
by Community Chat I mean chat option in community page, please see the screenshot.

I logged in with two users, and tried to email from admin to user1, but not able to do this.

Hi Mekal,
does the answer resolved your issue ?